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Turn In All

Work On Time.

No lates after the 1st nine weeks.

Respect Others Right To Learn

1. When the teacher is talking your voice is off.

2. Quiet in the hallway.

3. Gum, drinks, and snacks are allowed in classroom only if your using your manners.

4. You may go to the bathroom anytime the teacher is NOT teaching.

5. Books and supplies are to be as quiet as possible.

Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

1. Be respectful of other people. This means to be kind to everyone, no teasing, talking about, or laughing at them.

2. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

3. Respect others space. (desks, cubbies, line)

4. If people are already in line, you must go to the back.

5. Use appropriate words and tones of voice. (profanity is not acceptable)

6. You have a right to your opinion; however you must express it appropriately.

7. Bullying is not permitted.


Main Entry: bully

: a person who teases, hurts, or threatens a person whom they see as smaller or weaker